Sunday, August 11, 2013

County growth begins to sprout |

It seems that it is safe for all the people we heard talk about the additional impacts of growth in Lake Worth based upon passage of the LDRs to crawl out from under their beds. Population growth is back in Palm Beach County, but there is really no growth expected in the municipal area of Lake Worth (33460,33461) for the foreseeable future. Click title for link and click here for an interactive map. In the article, take a look at the graph showing population expectations for the seven largest municipalities in Palm Beach County. You will be pleased to know that Lake Worth is not even one of them.

If you do want to worry over growth and development, you may want to switch your sights to Boynton Beach and west- the closest boom town.

Is this a clear sign of over-development? Let's talk to the "experts" from last Tuesday night - they'd know!