Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Cities surprised by responsibility for paying for rail... | www.mypalmbeachpost.com

It just so happens that the city is paying for an upgraded crossing at 2nd Avenue North today that is costing north of $300,000.  The street was supposed to be two-way at the time of the Publix opening. No one at the city during this period knew exactly what that meant and signalization at 2nd Avenue North and Dixie was installed as the street being one-way, but only one-way west of Dixie. By act of Susan Stanton, city manager back then, she demanded that 2nd Avenue North become two-way and the city went ahead with the stripping accordingly. In the meantime, FDOT and the FEC were screaming about the fact that the crossing and safety equipment at 2nd Avenue North for eastbound traffic was non-existent, since it had been taken away when 2nd Avenue North had been made one-way back in the late nineties. All this should be sorted out tonight and we will finally, and legally, be able to enjoy at two-way 2nd Avenue North.

And let's hope it will also meet the new standards that we are reading about in this article. Click title for link. Apparently, Lake Worth has 9 such crossings which may require up-grading at the city's expense. Perhaps we can get a report on that tonight.