Sunday, February 3, 2013

Update on the ginormous garage...

These are recent pictures taken of the large garage structure at the southwest corner of North D Street and 17th Avenue.  This property is deep within a single family zoned neighborhood.  According to the city, the current code allows for this sort of structure.  Ultimately, the building is to be attached to the existing, smaller single family house.  This will make it "technically" part of the house structure on the property

There is now a silt fence surrounding the other structure, which makes one wonder what is going to happen next.  In answer to a series of questions posed by me in an e-mail to William Waters which included whether the building permit is still open, when will the building be painted and whether there is anything in the code that prevents an unpainted, cinder block building from remaining that way, he responded as follows: "Will get back to you on the garage.  I do believe we now have the authority to have the building painted but permit is still open and I believe there are modifications being sought.  We are getting our attorney involved to ensure everything is to the code we have which no one likes." (1/28/13)

Mr. Waters was out part of last week with a severe eye infection.  I will follow-up with him this week to see if there is anything new.