Monday, October 22, 2012

Condition of the pool area at the Gulfstream Hotel...

Yesterday, in attending the Blues, Brews and BBQ festival at Bryant Park, we locked up our bikes on the fence that surrounds the pool at the Gulfstream Hotel.  There is a fairly dense landscaping screen, but there are some openings where you can see what is left of the pool area.  There is no water in the pool, except for when it rains - then it likely is a haven for mosquito breeding.  I made the city aware of it this morning and they already were.  They will be sending someone to check on the integrity of the fence.

With the property in foreclosure, there are limited options on how to address this situation.  In any case, it represents an "attractive nuisance" and we are fortunate it is not in an area that has a high concentration of curious children.

Now, what were Mr. Celi's complaints?  Where is he now to point out these conditions? Is the prospect of another 6 story building on the vacant portion of the property worth keeping the historic hotel vacant and this portion of the property in a dilapidated condition ?