Saturday, April 21, 2012

From the Office of the City Manager Report of 4/20/12

Hello Citizens, 

It is an honor to get started this week as your new City Manager.  I greatly appreciate the opportunity I have been given by the Mayor and Commission.  It is a role that I take with pride and with a sense of service and commitment.

I am looking forward to the many challenges and exciting times that are ahead of us.  It is my intent to get out into the community as much as possible in the coming months in order to better understand the issues that confront us.  It is also a chance to meet many of you and hear your thoughts directly.  I know there are varying views on what should be done on a variety of issues.  However, it is my belief that what unites us as Lake Worth is truly greater than anything that can divide us.        

Thank you for all the warm wishes and for making me feel very much at home.  I am truly blessed and I promise to work with all my ability to continue making the City a great community.

Michael Bornstein