Thursday, January 5, 2012

Why I couldn't find the P&Z agenda for last night's meeting...

An e-mail from Sandi DuBose includes this:

Since late 2006, the meeting agendas have been loaded in two places to the website: one is the “Meetings and Events Calendar” and the other is the “Volunteer Board” location.  A link to the P&Z Agenda was in fact uploaded to both places.

As we change years, we have to create a new heading for the current year.   When I checked the website just now, the Agendas were in both places, but not visible in the Volunteer Board location.  There is on “on” “off” position: when the “on” is selected the item is visible; when the “off” is selected (as can happen during editing) the item is not visible.

That I know of, I am the only one who goes on our website and manages those items; apparently, I failed to notice that the Volunteer Board location in the “off” position. 

I didn't realize that the agendas were available in two locations.  FYI