Monday, November 21, 2011

Something on this nice lady's blog caught my attention this morning...

She writes relating to the change of meeting status - going from a work session to a special meeting:  "...Worse than that, the entire commission was not polled and the public, the very people they said that they would listen to, is also swept under the rug of this new "transparency."

 Madame Anderson, polling of individual members outside of a properly noticed public meeting is a Sunshine Law violation, even as it relates to scheduling of a meeting and what sort of meeting that it will be.  I know it has long been a practice here but it is wrong in the eyes of the law.  You cannot use a conduit, like the City Clerk, to convey information about who can attend a meeting or not attend a meeting, setting the time or the type of meeting.  Trust me on this.  No one has yet chosen to make this an issue.