Sunday, October 9, 2011

I don't know all of the details...

But Ms. Stanton and then Mayor Waterman both visited the MadHatter - curiously timed after the latest post about the second trip on the part of a city crew that painted a yellow curb sixty feet plus from Dixie Hwy.  I do not know what was said or promised during the visit by our city officials, but afterwards a city crew came out and painted all but 20 or 25 feet from Dixie Hwy with gray paint - to cover the yellow paint that had been placed there days before.  Ms. Stanton did give the owners permission to paint over the previously painted cross-hatching in the road that was painted white and then painted black.  The no parking sign was also removed.

Why did this whole episode happen in the first place?  How much did these three trips by city crews cost and what were they taken away from to perform these tasks?  If this wasn't election season, would the results have been different?