Thursday, August 18, 2011

Lake Worth places two on leave after false testimony leads to lawsuit's dismissal

DOES THIS SURPRISE ANYONE? AT WHAT TIME WILL IT BE THE CURRENT ADMINISTRATION'S FAULT? Assistant city attorney Jean Marie Middleton is MS. STANTON'S HIRE or at least the BCE's or Elaine Humphreys or all three! And Ms. Stanton wants to run a police and fire department too...??

By the way, this article isn't by Press Release Willie - click title for link. From the article:

City Manager Susan Stanton said that will be determined during a probe she launched after learning of Kelley's ruling.
"We want to find out what went wrong in this case and take corrective action to make sure it won't happen again," she said. "This is just downright embarrassing."

Stanton said she was unaware Nichols testified that she had never checked the accuracy of the affidavits. But, she said, it is emblematic of the ills she has discovered since becoming city manager in 2009.
"Employees have done things based on past practices" instead of best practices, she said.
While calling Middleton and Nichols "good employees," she indicated that both share blame. City attorneys prepare the affidavits but rely on staff to ensure information is correct, she said.
Stanton agreed. "The information has to be accurate and it has to be right," she said. "If it's not it undermines the confidence of the community in the city. It's not acceptable."

With very few exceptions that prove the rule, this regime hires and keeps only those that tow the party line to the extreme.  If they don't, they leave on their own accord or are let go - "fired."  Who is left are people who can act without thinking and do just what they are told without regard to "best practices" - this is not about exposing the wrongs of past administrations anymore.  Ms. Stanton has been on the job since April 2009 - it is time to hear her take responsibility as each wheel undeniably spins off the wagon.  Expect more to fly off over the coming months...

This is the same city/legal department that filed redacted (marked-out) public documents in the discovery phase of the Greater Bay lawsuit.