Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Inspector General News - left as comment on previous post...

We have just been informed by the Office of Inspector General that they have withdrawn and closed their investigation into Dee McNamara's complaint against the CRA. Her allegations that the CRA has wasted NSP funds and overpaid for properties purchased was found to be without merit. Peter Timm filed a similar complaint with HUD, which after an audit was also found to be without merit. I hope this will finally put to rest any and all claims that we at the CRA have failed to properly administer the NSP Program. In fact, the average price paid is approximately 15% below appraised value whereas HUD only requires that we pay 1% below appraised value. It would be nice if the LW Herald would run this story, since its allegations were used as evidence in the investigations.

Cary Sabol,CRA Chair