Friday, June 24, 2011

Hear the love from the County Commission...

Click here for a link to the Board of County Commissioners meeting from this past Tuesday, June 21st.  Starting at the 2 hour and 43 minute mark, Commissioner Aaronson lights in to Lake Worth about what the County can do in recourse to difficulties in dealing with our city.  His chief concern currently is our non-payment of the supplemental fee for fire rescue.  He wants to find a way to link Lake Worth's non-performance in contractual matters to other County contracts - you default on one, you default on all of them.  Clearly his patience is used up as he cites the water, PBSO and now fire rescue contracts.  He calls out city management as the problem.  Commissioner Vanna enters the conversation as well.  She tries to defend the indefensible.  The big target is the $5 million the County has pledged for the beach project.  Anyway, it is interesting to listen to how our actions create a perception of what Lake Worth is all about - which affects the city's image in the eyes of the bigger marketplace and political spheres.

Commission Chair Marcus says that in the future they will need to "put a bunch of asterisks by their name next time, that ability to pay thing..."  Our behavior may have grave consequences going forward.