Friday, April 22, 2011

West Palm, Lake Worth join forces in opposition to Walmart

OMG - Do we really want to go there? Click title for link to the PBP's "blog." Can we stipulate that the Palm Beach Post is a "dinosaur" that thinks they are being hip and somehow not already attached to their already adopted opinion if it is included in a "blog" under their banner? There is much to say here and more will come later. But, I will throw this out for starters. What has the Lake Worth City Commission done to support Sedanos - just a block away from the vacant piece of land? Suzanne, can you demonstrate the kayak crossing for us - the one that would like the Lake Worth Lagoon to the C-51 canat? I will take a video as you raise your kayak and tote it across Dixie Hwy since we are all about eco-tourism and we will have to educate our visitors how to carry their kayaks and cross Dixie Hwy. safely. Is our anarchist community all about pushing growth away from the coast and away from existing transportation infrastructure? Is anyone concerned about Winn-Dixie in Palm Coast Plaza? How can you expect other municipalities to listen to your concerns when your modus operandi is not to cooperate with anyone, anywhere at anytime? How is anyone to believe you? Is the hottest property that can be developed on the other side of the border from a municipality that has commercial electric and water utility rates TWO TO THREE times the rate of others that are served by FPL but has a market that is under-served in relation to demand?

Like I said, there are issues to discuss here - one is the location of a future transit station on the FEC - but are we going to have a real discussion of the issues, or are we going to grace our neighbor to the north with protests on stilts and white sheets, pandering to the media and the public and obstructing standard municipal review processes? And why is Commissioner Mulvehill speaking on behalf of the City of Lake Worth? Has our Mayor left already or is has he already handed over the Mayor's job to Suzanne?

These are some of my questions.