Monday, March 14, 2011

Lion Hunter Safety-Spear

Press Release: The Aquatic Systems Division of CECO, Inc. announces it will now manufacturer and provide wholesale distribution of the Lion Hunter Safety-Spear.

Since the introduction of the Lion Hunter Safety-Spear in December 2010, demand for this invasive lionfish control device has increased to the point where Reef Rescue volunteers can no longer keep up with product requests. Reef Rescue has entered into an arrangement with the fabricator that will provide sufficient manufacturing and distribution capabilities to satisfy the wholesale market. Reef Rescue will still provide the Lion Hunter Safety-Spear to individuals via the Lion Hunter website and those donations will still be used to help fund Reef Rescue conservation programs.
Individual Lion Hunter Safety-Spears can be ordered via 

Wholesale inquiries should now be directed to: 

Sales rep and regional distribution requests should contact:

Palm Beach County Reef Rescue
PO Box 207 * Boynton Beach, FL 33425