Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Coda to "PROS vs. BAC at the Beach" - RE-POST from 6/21/2010

To any fiction writer that thinks she may be a planner, note that any development would be limited by the amount of square footage already present plus whatever additional up to the maximum allowed - which isn't much.  Note too that the brain trust that put together the language for the PROS future land use designation actually is allowing 18,049 square feet of floor area in a building over that allowed in the BAC future land use designation.  What this may be used for, we are not able to tell, other than it would have to not be "leasable."  These designations cover the entire property, including the area south and west of the Casino building and pool complex.

And, according to generally accepted planning and zoning principles, if a use is not listed as a permitted or special exception use, it isn't allowed.  So, according to the fiction writer's logic, since nuclear power plants aren't listed, they could be in the future if some Commission wanted them.  You can add space needles, prisons and/or anarchists' welfare centers, along with thousands to millions of other possible uses that are not currently listed if some future Commission wanted them at the beach.

Ancillary uses would be such things as lifeguard stations, pool pump houses, enclosures for parking attendants, etc.  Retail and restaurant uses are principal uses and are found other places than a beach.

And my arrow was pointed slightly in a different direction than it should have been on my graphic.