Monday, April 26, 2010

A local blogger with a twisted view of reality...

"Soon we will be moving forward with restoring the Lake Worth Casino. Our citizens "lucked out" (or was it sheer brilliance from the dais by two commissioners, Jennings and Mulvehill?) when the "favorite" architect became REG, as he, with his design, will help with historical designation, getting financing, obtaining grants and incorporate green features. We never would have been able to get valuable historical designation in an art deco design. Preserving our past is very important. Historical designation is a distinction that will give this building world appeal."
The above was posted by another Lake Worth blogger. It contained so many half-truths, I couldn't let it pass without some correction.  I am not sure how or when "sheer brilliance" played out on the dais.  The city was lucky to get the sorts of responses from a number of highly-qualified architectural teams.  REG was in my top group, but they were not the team that received my "first choice" status.  My favorite happened to be Beilinson/Gomez - the only firm that expended the extra effort to get word from the state of Florida Historic Preservation Office about the preferred approach in the rehabilitation of this building.  The letter confirmed that the preferred restoration project would be the existing "International Style" design - misidentified above as "art deco."  There is no guarantee that REG's design will achieve success in a National historic designation and that alone will not give the building "world appeal."  Other key members of the team, just as if not more important than the architect, are a construction manager at-risk, a quality contractor and knowledgeable oversight on the part of the city.  This will be a very complicated project.

We, the residents, also never received an adequate cost/benefit analysis of what a new building versus a rehabilitated old building would cost.  We, as a community, also have to go through the charrette process to determine the ultimate design.

If you purport to supply information to the public, let's at least try to be close to reality.