Thursday, March 25, 2010

O.K., first we have no information coming from the City of Lake Worth...

Now we are getting press releases that could be penned by the Information Ministry of the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea.  Click on video for appropriate music to accompany your reading.  Highlighted parts are, in my opinion, over-the-top.

FROM: Office of the City Manager
CONTACT: Rachel Smithson, Assistant to the City Manager 561-533-7394
DATE: March 24, 2010
RE: City Initiates Plans to Reopen Municipal Pool

The Lake Worth Municipal Pool was temporarily closed on February 16th due to several mechanical issues in the pool’s operating system and pump house. At that time, the Public Services Department announced that they would further investigate the costs associated with making the repairs, and estimated the total repair cost would be approximately $150,000. After further investigation the Public Services Department determined that repairs could be completed less expensively by utilizing City Staff to complete a majority of the repairs.

Thanks to the City of Lake Worth’s proactive efforts in attracting new, highly qualified staff the City now has the in-house expertise necessary to repair the pool and transform it in to a revenue generating enterprise. Staff estimates that the repairs can be made for $57,700; this estimate includes materials and engineering costs. Approval for this expenditure is scheduled for the April 6th City Commission Meeting. Should the City Commission approve the $57,700 in repair costs, staff estimates an 8-10 week completion time for all repairs; meaning the pool could potentially be opened by May for use throughout the summer season.

Many of the proposed repairs will reduce the operating costs of the pool. Due to antiquated pumping technology the City’s existing pump has to operate 24 hours a day, the proposed high efficiency dual pump system will reduce electricity and chemical consumption by shutting off when the pool is not in use. Through new technology, innovative marketing, and improving the accessibility of the pool by adjusting the pool’s hours the Lake Worth Municipal Pool has the potential to once again become a regional destination. 

Can we find a way to move the dial more towards the middle?