Tuesday, January 26, 2010

FY 2009 Financial Results and Related Information

The last item on the City Commission's work session agenda what seems to be a very through report from the  interim finance director.  Click title for link for complete back-up material - really a must read.  Here are some highlights of the report showing some of the reasons for the deterioration of our General Fund reserves.
The table below is very helpful in tracking where the actual budgets amendments were made and their impact on what line items in the budget.
 Below is a chart that we can see the cumulative effect of these amendments.

The staff pledges to come back and work with the Commission in the coming weeks to address the coming shortfall in the FY 2010 projections.  The whole memo and the potential for conversation about this is a good omen and beats Bates' babble.  Let's make sure we make conservative assumptions about the valuation of the property in the city this coming year.