Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Examples of Commissioner Mulvehill Campaigning from the Dais:

The following items are, in my opinion, blatant attempts to campaign from the dais on the part of Commissioner Mulvehill. Each of the following items on tonight's agenda are offered by her and will make tidy, sparkling bullet points on her upcoming campaign materials.

Resolution 01-2010 "to express the City's goal of striving to be a green city and to promote green foods"

Support of the Hand Across the Sand Event

Request consensus to schedule community meetings to gather input on the impact of retail plastic bags on the environment (this one even though state law currently prohibits the banning of plastic bags)

Direct staff to identify city-owned property for a dog park (this conflicts or should be combined with the other agenda item on CDBG funding for a $150,000 dog park - which seems high for a fenced in area with benches, grass and poopie bag dispenser.)

I am sure that, if asked, Commissioner Mulvehill is also in favor of motherhood and apple pie. Look for future resolutions proclaiming same.

And then we have the item regarding paying for her trip to Washington, D.C. for the National League of City's Congressional City Conference. I thought half of our elected official's pay was for the reimbursement of expenses? When did this change? Rumor has it that part of Commissioner Jennings' "Grand Work Plan" is to increase the salaries for our elected officials - watch for more on this soon!