Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Things wrong with yesterday's last minute City Commission agenda change...

Here is a quick list:
  • Notification 45 minutes before the meeting begins that 31 some people won't be interviewed as indicated in the published agenda
  • Less than 24 hours notice of the change
  • Polling of Commissioners by phone regarding the change prior to the meeting
  • Adding an item that was never part of the original agenda - i.e., the future of the CRA
  • Getting many new people to apply for a volunteer citizen board to help their community - only to be told "We don't want you anyway, we know better ourselves"
  • Having at least two joint meetings between the CRA and City Commission within the past few months and not ever speaking about the prospect of being taken over by the City Commission. Even though it was never really out-of-the-picture, it says a lot about the character - or lack thereof - of those on the Commission who cannot communicate what is really on their minds.