Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Update from City Commission meeting re beach

Commissioner Mulvehill wants Straticon to give an estimate of the cost of construction - how is that an unbiased assessment? Much confusion about how big the building will be and if there is rehabilitation versus reconstruction - new building.

This is not news by any means. What is news to the Commission and something that they are not hearing is that to determine a "solid" cost to rehabilitate the building is not really possible.

They also don't seem to be focusing on the time factor. What seems to be a unifying theme is that the Fishkind study is preliminary at best, not that helpful in its current form and does not compare apples-to-apples - all things with which I agree.

Jeff Hardin of Straticon is going to work with Fishkind to generate "more precise" - read: more favorable for rehabilitation than new construction - estimates. Ends driven report on the way, apparently.

Commissioner Jennings left the phone connection at 1:20 p.m.

Shoring contractor item is an "invitation to bid" - not a "request for proposals." Estimated costs come to $40 to $70K to shore up the building. $20,000 has been spent on the shoring plans already and the architect/structural engineer is responding to comments from the building department. They want a technical memorandum and a threshold inspector will be needed through out the shoring construction period - could be disruptions of service - will need an inspection every 6 months. Staff's opinion is that the building needed to be closed to the public and evacuated. The only reason it will be open after 3/31 is due to the city going ahead with the shoring plan. Commissioner Lowe thinks this will be it - that's all that will be done to the building - Mayor Clemens seems concerned about the total cost.

Meeting ended at 1:40 p.m.