Sunday, February 22, 2009

Casino landmark windfall celebrated in Lake Worth

Feh....regarding contents of article (click title for link.) The REAL party was in downtown today with the second day of the street painting festival. It was not the one held by some self-appointed "leader" that is head of a political action committee. The PAC should actually be called "Tenants Come First." Strange headline - the building isn't landmarked, the only windfall is the one that will be going to the firm preparing "shoring plans" for $18,000+ dollars and to the contractor that is awarded the work to "shore up" the building that is estimated to be in the range of $40,000 to $70,000 to complete (money we'll never see again), the tenants get more months on their way-below-market rents and we get to continue looking at a sad, sorry building at the beach.

The only positive in the expenditure of this money is that public safety will be better protected - something everyone should be concerned about.

Any celebration is premature and Commissioner Cara Jennings is tight with me on this one. She wants to wait to see what the cost of a new building would be in comparison to "rehabilitating" the existing building. You go Cara! Commissioner Jennings has the luxury of not having taken money from the gaggle of tenants at the beach. Commissioner Mulvehill "will walk through the fear" with them for a price. See details below: