Sunday, July 22, 2007

Fun at Friday on the Avenues - Cultural Plaza - 7/20

A good time was had by all last Friday night at Evening on the Avenues. We took up space in the cultural plaza and did our part to help promote the Lake Worth website. Above is a picture from early in the evening with Dan Winkel (who works at Ed Morse Honda and had some great tote bags to give away) and Jim Stafford, owner of the website behind the table.

Here's Walter B. and Jim Stafford, hosts of the popular Lunch Box show, in front of the booth later on. In the background you can see frequent poster and mayoral candidate Mary Lindsey posting on the board in real time. Jim rigged a projector so that we could display the board as people passed by. In the far corner of the table, to the left, are Colleen Rinaldi's Snicker-doodles from the Sabal Palm Bed and Breakfast. Thanks Colleen! Those FLEW off the table. A lot of board users dropped by including Lynn Anderson. When Lynn picked up her cookie she asked if it was laced. Well, Lynn, yes it was laced - with love and kisses! Hope you enjoyed it.

Here's kind of broad shot of the Cultural Plaza. This vendor was about in the middle of the Plaza, at the western edge. There were selling lots of incense and in the thick July evening air, their incense perfumed the air.

Above is Matt Falvey who is the Fish Doctor on the show of the same name. He even brought his pole for demonstration purposes. The fist weren't really biting at the Plaza though. Here he is finishing up some original art. Matt's a nice guy and joined us on our ocean fishing adventure a couple of months ago.

Introducing one of Lake Worth's more colorful personalities and a fixture around the Cultural Plaza. Ladies and Gentlemen, meet the Rat Lady. She has a new one now - the older ones were home resting. I've known her for quite a while now from various Karaoke venues. I'm proud to report that she voted for me both times. You go girl!

Here is the plaza a little later in the evening. I am still experimenting with my camera and the different settings. I got some neat effects without using the flash.

Here is the bandstand and the band was unanimously thought to be great - kind of a rock-a -billy, country-ish sound. I'll get the name this week and let you know. They are local and I bet they do the wedding circuit.

This is one of the brighter lit booths that gave an interesting effect through the lens.

Nice to see the Cultural Plaza being used for this kind of activity. The lighting gives things a festive glow.

Here is a view of the "working" side of the booth. Still a nice size crowd which lasted through the entire evening.

One of Lake Worth's own shamen attended the event. Here caught on the move in trend setting attire.