Monday, June 25, 2007

Does this look like a shopping mall?

These are the floor plans for the new Casino building - as contained in the Development Agreement that was executed in October of last year. Above is the plan for the first floor area, with the parking deck west of the building. The building will be a total of 40,000 square feet and have two stories. Each floor will have around 20,000 square feet. (As a comparison, a medium size Publix has about 40,000 - all on one floor and no, that doesn't mean that a Publix will be at the beach) The first floor will have the leaseable area for tenants - you can also see the seating areas to the east that would presumably for restaurants, but could just be open air patio space. Retail square footage would be limited to 7,200 square feet - about equal to what is presently at the beach.

The drawing above is of the second floor, which will be occupied by the ballroom space. A ballroom has been part of the existing Casino building for many years. It has been out of commission since experiencing damage from Hurricane Wilma.

Think of scale here too - this will sit on an 18+ acre property.

Does this look like a shopping mall? Do you see any condos or a hotel?

The picture below is offered for comparison purposes only. It is the floor plan of a typical shopping mall and this is not proposed for the Lake Worth Beach:

(remember you can click on the images for greater detail)