Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Ribbon Cutting for New Pump Station - June 5 10:00 a.m.

Thanks to June Evans, resident of the Bryant Park neighborhood who sent this to me. I guess this means that the project is finished. Personally, I would like to know how much money was paid to Mock Roos, the number of change orders (caused by either the City or Mock Roos), etc. Not sure that we will ever know. Would the City even have the answer given the state of our finance department?

Another pet peeve of mine regarding this project is that it is an example of the City going ahead with a major project on City property, within our premier waterfront park and next to a residential neighborhood and the City administration - during the Boyer era - went ahead with the project without presenting it before the Planning and Zoning Board, even though required by law. The following is from our City Code: and authority.
A. The duties and authority of the city planning and zoning board shall be primarily to suggest plans for the arrangement of the city with reference to its general improvement, growth demands, and the extension, improvement and changes in public utilities and city works; also with reference to transportation, streets, alleys, sidewalks, highways, waterfronts, seawalls, docks, wharves, public buildings, parks, playgrounds, city-owned property, and other such matters as may be of a municipal nature or lawfully under municipal jurisdiction. However, the duties and authority of the city planning and zoning board shall not include any matter which is the responsibility of one (1) or more other city boards, unless the city commission specifically refers such matter to the planning and zoning board for recommendation. The city planning and zoning board shall be designated the local planning agency, pursuant to chapter 163, Florida Statutes. The planning and zoning board shall review and recommend to the city commissionon all changes to the comprehensive plan and zoning ordinance.
Again, another flower put at the base of the statue called "The Importance of Process". I will be going to the event. Hope to see you there.