Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Lake Worth Election Analysis - 2003 to Present

Thought this might be helpful to re-post given the ballot measure coming up on
January 29th. More on this later.

Wow, what's it like to have time on your hands? I'm starting to wind down after Tuesday and actually have time to do things other than campaign. The above is some information we used in my campaign about voting trends and turn-outs. It's interesting to review just to refresh your memory about what has transpired in the recent past.

A few notes here. The ultimate winner of an election is highlighted in yellow. Winning vote totals are in blue print. Also, the line that says "Total Votes" - the column on the far right has the percentage change between the general election and the run-off.

Kind of neat to study for a while. If you come up with any revelations, let us all know by clicking on the comment label below this post. And sorry, I didn't have the results of the District #1 race or Mayor's race from 2003. If you have access to those, let me know and I can include that here too.