Sunday, March 18, 2007

Election Day Photo Collection

Here are some photos from the General Election on March 13th. This was a special day for me in many ways.

This is me and my friend Mike Federau. We have known each other since
second grade. I moved to Florida from Michigan in '89 and he followed with
his move to the west coast of Florida in '92. He came over for the day to lend a hand.

Hot on the phone in this picture. This is probably outside the 3032 and

3030 precinct location. By this time, I had already had a good dose of sun from waving at

westbound traffic on Lucerne, near the shuffleboard courts.

Consulting here with Mayoral Candidate Jeff Clemens. We were able

to talk to a lot of "undecideds" on the way to the polls.

Here I am saying "Hi" to Jean Adams. She had been with her Garden

Club people in Ft. Lauderdale most of the day.

A view of the east side of the street.
Drewkowski dropped by and interviewed Nicole Janok. Now that's

a switch!

Here I am with my North E Street captain, Robert Cromier. We are

at the Mad Hatter and looking at the absentee and early voting results.

Soon after this picture was taken, we almost needed to pass around nitroglycerin tablets

as the Supervisor of Election office showed the third place finisher in the District 3

race ahead with a total of 60% of the vote. That was resolved around 11 or so.

This is Jo Ann Gabel, my campaign consultant/manager and me looking over

the results and strategizing for the next phase.

"Political advertisement paid for and approved by Wes Blackman for Commissioner – District #3"