Thursday, March 7, 2019

Excerpt #3 from Mayor Pam Triolo’s 2019 State of the City address.

As stated last Tuesday on this blog, heading in the elections on Tuesday, March 12th, am going to pivot from Election Day next week and focus more on after this years municipal elections and what we can hope to achieve in the year 2019 and beyond.

To look over Excerpt #1 from last Tuesday, March 5th use this link which has additional information worth noting and why it is “time to settle down and relax” and get focused on the future.

To read Excerpt #2 about the City’s Strategic Plan, the key policy statements or “Pillars for the City” as the mayor called the plan click on this link to learn more.

Moving on to Excerpt #3 from the State of the City address titled,

“We are a Community of Neighborhoods”

The mayor continues. . .

On a larger scale, the Commission and I [Mayor Pam Triolo] also participate in the Palm Beach County, Florida, and National League of Cities organizations. It is through these important alliances with other Cities that we learn about cutting-edge ideas and best practices. Additionally, it is where the fight to protect our Home Rule from over reach and mandates by the state and federal governments.

Our City is fortunate to be served by nine citizen advisory boards. These dedicated volunteers give of their time and provide their perspective to help formulate policy and advise the Commission. Last year there were 73 meetings held by the Advisory Boards. We are so very grateful for the efforts and devotion of these Commission appointees. Thank you.

Volunteers make up an important part of City operations. Our volunteers donated a total of more than 16,640 hours, which represents $410,885.00 in value. We could not function without this significant help from our citizens.

All of this energy and effort put into our City government needs to be put into context in order to make some sense of why it is important. I’ll do so by quoting from an important policy document the Comprehensive Plan — which sets forth our goals and objectives for our core responsibilities as a local government. It states that we will “Develop and implement strategies that reinforce Lake Worth as a ‘community of neighborhoods’ ”. [emphasis added]

Ergo the title of the mayor’s State of the City address,

“We are a Community of Neighborhoods”

And once again as noted in Excerpt #1 from last Tuesday,.

It was a packed house for the mayor’s State of the City. And in attendance was journalist Julius Whigham II from The Palm Beach Post.

Click on the scene of the throng in attendance:

Use this link for more information about the State of the City address and the news report published in The Palm Beach Post the evening of February 26th.