Sunday, March 17, 2019

Fun! Fun! Fun! Take the kids to Monkey Joe’s in Lake Worth!

A 2018–2019 Kids Choice Award runner-up. Not quite as popular as the Beach Bonfires at Lake Worth Beach — this year’s Top Kids Choice Award — but Monkey Joe’s is sort of broadly in the ballpark so to speak if you don’t mind a longer drive out west.

Remember the #1 Rule at Monkey Joe’s is you MUST WEAR SOCKS to play. So please remember to bring along a pair of socks for everyone. It’s not unusual to see children crying outside so you might want to bring along another pair just in case for a parent who forgot.

Did your family like so many other families get all excited when one of the kids heard about a story in the Post, a place in Lake Worth called Monkey Joe’s! This is an excerpt from the news published in the Post:

Kids can bounce for hours in this indoor playground in Lake Worth. There are wall-to-wall inflatable slides, jumps and an obstacle course. Plus, there’s a small arcade for the kids to enjoy.

Monkey Joe’s sounds like a lot of fun, doesn’t it?

Really. The Fun Depot amusement center on 10th Ave. North in Lake Worth can be a lot of fun sometimes but the kids are looking for something new in this City!

So everyone jumps into the car and you start out for Monkey Joe’s. One of the kids finds information about Monkey Joe’s and puts that information in the map for directions and then the kid turns around and starts crying and says,

“Gee wiz. Monkey Joe’s is at 6250 Lantana Rd.!”

No. Monkey Joe’s is not ‘in Lake Worth’, it is located in “suburban Lake Worth”.

The story in The Palm Beach Post was wrong.

Monkey Joe’s is near the City of  Greenacres in unincorporated Palm Beach County, an area in what is accurately called suburban Lake Worth because it just happens to have a ‘Lake Worth’ zip code. Apparently, there remain some reporters at the Post who still don’t know how to use a map.

What a bummer.

So where exactly is Monkey Joe’s? Let’s pick a landmark. How about the headquarters of The Palm Beach Post, which was just recently sold to a real estate investor, and a newspaper owned and managed by Gatehouse Media. The Post is headquartered in West Palm ‘Beach’ which of course does not have a beach

Here we go. Is everyone ready to take a trip to Monkey Joe’s?

From the headquarters of the Post on S. Dixie Hwy. in West Palm, the quickest way to Monkey Joe’s is to take Exit 61 (Lantana Rd.) off I-95 and head west. Pass the Palm Beach County Park Airport and past the Great Walled City of Atlantis you’ll come up to Haverhill Rd.

Continue west on Haverhill over a north-south drainage canal and you’ll see Edgecliff Ave. on your right. Further up on the left (south side of Lantana Rd.) you will see Monkey Joe’s. If you come up on Jog Rd. you went too far.

And don’t forget to bring socks! Monkey Joe’s will not let you play without socks on.

It’s the rule, no socks no play.