Monday, January 7, 2019

PUBLIC SAFETY: A reminder.

Below is very important information for everyone in this City of Lake Worth. Trying to challenge a train is a very bad idea. No matter how hard you try, you will never win a challenge against a train. And it’s also important to remember. . .

If a train has passed and the crossing arms remain in the down position and warning signals continue, DO NOT CROSS THE TRACKS! A train could be coming from the opposite direction.

Quiet Zones along the Florida East Coast (FEC) railway ARE IN EFFECT.

  Getting this information out to our non-English speaking communities in this City is especially important (Spanish and Creole; see below).

For more information contact Mr. Ben Kerr, PIO, at 561-586-1631; email:

The message always is:
“See Tracks? THINK TRAIN!”


Lake Worth, FL — On the Florida East Coast (FEC) railway trains will no longer sound their horns routinely within the City boundaries except in instances where the engineer deems it necessary due to an emergency or for the safety of workers on the tracks. As train horns will no longer sound at crossings it is of utmost importance that people obey the barriers and stay alert whenever they are crossing the tracks.
     The City reminds all that it is illegal and highly dangerous to trespass on rail tracks. Train speed and distance is deceptive and without the use of the horn a train is extremely quiet which can lead to accidents when people attempt to “beat” the train and ignore the safety barriers. In addition it takes many trains over a mile to come to a complete stop. Trains on the FEC tracks will be traveling at speeds up to 79 mph.
     Further information about Railroad Safety in English, Spanish and Creole click on this link.

Message is always:

“See Tracks? THINK TRAIN!”

“Lè w wè ray tren?

“¿Ves rieles? ¡PIENSA TREN!

From the Palm Beach Transportation Planning Agency (TPA) and Operation Lifesaver:

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