Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Body discovered east of Palm Springs between Palm Beach State College and John Prince Park.

This case remains unsolved. The body of Jessica Medina was discovered on November 14th last year.

If you have any information that could help solve this homicide please contact Crime Stoppers ASAP. Below is more information and a map.

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The smallest tip could solve this terrible crime:

If you have a tip call 800-458-8477. To learn more about Crime Stoppers of Palm Beach County
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Many news organizations including the Sun Sentinel reported the body of Jessica Medina was found ‘in Lake Worth’ which is absolutely false.

The body of a female was found floating in a canal in Lake Worth [sic] on Wednesday afternoon, the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office said.

“The female appears to be a victim of foul play,” said Teri Barbera, a sheriff’s office spokeswoman. “Detectives are investigating this death as a homicide.”

Find out the actual location of this crime scene below; it was not ‘in Lake Worth’.

Knowing the exact location is critical. There may have been a witness in the area who saw something.

Here is what is known thus far: The body was found on November 14th, a Wednesday afternoon floating in a canal between Palm Beach State College and John Prince Park (see map below). PBSO says it appears to be foul play. The victim was 33 years old and white.

The news published in The Palm Beach Post on November 17th needed to be clarified but never was.

The dateline incorrectly read, ‘LAKE WORTH’. The correct dateline should read “SUBURBAN LAKE WORTH” because the body was discovered outside the City of Lake Worth nearest to the Village of Palm Springs. This unincorporated area (which includes Palm Beach State College) uses a ‘Lake Worth’ zip code but is not to be confused with the actual City of Lake Worth which is further east.

The Post’s homicide tracker database inaccurately cites the “Location of death” as Palm Beach State College (PBSC) located at 4200 S. Congress Ave. The location of death has not been determined as yet by investigators. PBSC is where the body was found

PBSC is indicated below bordered by red lines.
Note where red line abuts the L-4 Canal.

Click on image to enlarge:

John Prince Park is to the right (east) in this image. Note the north-south L-4 Canal. Not shown is Lake Osborne or the nearby bridge in the park. Also note the Village of Palm Springs (shaded blue) is located north and west of PBSC.