Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Mobile home units and fires: Make certain there is a fire detector with a charged battery.

Many in the public were surprised to learn there are four (4) mobile home communities within the municipal limits of Lake Worth with a total number of units at a whopping six hundred and sixty-five (665). Learn more about this below, data presented at recent Commission Budget Workshop.

But what is even more alarming is this year in Palm Beach County two people have died in mobile home fires, news from The Palm Beach Post:

Get the word out to everyone you know who resides in a trailer park. Check to make certain the unit has a working fire detector and that it has a new battery.

By the numbers, about mobile home parks (MHP) in this City of Lake Worth:

  • Orange Grove MHP (120 units) on north side of 2600 block on 6th Ave. South.
  • Palm Beach MHP (335 units) on east side of Boutwell Rd. in Park of Commerce.
  • Holiday MHP (70 units) on 1800 block of Lake Worth Rd. (west of Tri-Rail Station).
  • Holz MHP (140 units) on south side of 1700 block on 12th Ave. South.

The data above comes from information provided by the City at a recent Budget Workshop. For example, below is the MHP Rate Structure for waste and refuse collection.

The existing rate
(click on images to enlarge):

Very important: None of these mobile home parks are managed or maintained by the City. They are all privately owned.

 The proposed MHP rate:

FYI: Last protest of any significance in City of Lake Worth was 2½ years ago at Palm Beach Mobile Home Park. Press and news media jumped on that story before learning the facts: read about CBS12’s silly ‘forced relocation’ and retraction in Palm Beach Post.