Thursday, May 3, 2018

Big changes are coming to historic preservation in the City of Lake Worth.

Last week (Thursday, April 26th) was the City’s public meeting about the “Historic Preservation Design Guidelines” held in the Ballroom at the Lake Worth Casino. If you weren’t able to attend but would like to learn more about these design guidelines for historic structures in the City here is your contact information:
  • Mark E. Stivers, AICP, Assistant Director for Planning & Preservation: Call 561-586-1617; email:
  • Aimee Sunny, Historic Preservation Coordinator: Call 561-586-1690; email:

And much credit goes to Dana Little from the Treasure Coast Regional Planning Council for helping the City of Lake Worth through this process and to consultant Kathleen Kauffman from KSK Preservation who were both part of the presentation.

There are three videos total of this public meeting.
Here is the first one:

To watch video #2 click on this link.

For the final video use this link.

 One of the display tables with information:
“Since adoption [in 1996], Lake Worth has designated six local historic districts and four structures significant to the local history with
several recognized by the National Register of Historic Places.”

More photos and information gleaned
from this meeting. . .

Here’s a view from the 2nd floor of the Casino building
(click on image to enlarge):
Poor design. Because parking was not adequately addressed during the planning in 2008–2010 cars still park in the bike lane. Just one of many items overlooked during the ‘renovation’ of this structure.

However, the City staff at the Casino must be commended for rising above all the deficiencies and they continue to make lemonade out of lemons.
To learn more about Casino building and staff at this complex click on this link. To schedule a tour call Emeric Jeancome at 561-533-7395 or by email:

Do you remember when the ‘renovated’ Casino was turned over to the City in 2012 and all the problems and deficiencies that were later discovered? Just one of those issues was water leaking into the building.

“But it’s only a problem when it rains!”
The architect and construction company have completed “the fix”. Soon enough we’ll know how successful these repairs are when the Rainy Season begins.

A view of the presenters and public in the Casino Ballroom:
Hopefully our City Commission will stay focused on the priorities and not be distracted. The turtles on the Beach are doing just fine! It’s the residents of this City everyone should be focused on and having this Beach property realize its true potential.