Friday, June 22, 2018

As a public service. The video below was posted to YouTube on September 10th, 2017 by the City of Lake Worth’s PIO.*

But first, this is also very important: Do you have a public alleyway behind your home, condo, or apartment?

Please make sure this public right-of-way IS ALWAYS clear of debris and/or obstructions.

“While times have changed [since incorporation in 1913] — deliveries may no longer take place in alleys and garbage collection takes place out front — many of Lake Worth’s water and electric lines are still located in the alleyways.”

Excerpt from Worth Noting, dated Sept. 2015. To sign up and receive the latest news and important updates from the City of Lake Worth click on this link to begin receiving news that is “Worth Noting” in this little City.

Besides being access for the City’s Electric Utility, that PBSO needs these alleys to patrol and cut down on crime, and to eliminate habitats for feral cats and other vermin, these alleyways need to be clear following a major storm so that power can be restored as quickly as possible.

The last thing anyone from the public wants to hear is there is a delay restoring power because a garbage truck and crew needs to be requisitioned from the City’s Public Works Dept. — or just as likely that a 5-man crew in a heavy-duty work truck loaded up with chainsaws and a chipper in tow — needs to clear the alley so an emergency crew can repair the electric lines in your neighborhood.

Without further ado. . .

A video from seven months ago:

*PIO  =  Public Information Officer. The City of Lake Worth’s PIO is Mr. Ben Kerr.
     As if this City needed to be even more “Quirky with a capital Q”, Mr. Kerr is also a very good bagpipe player. Click on this link to learn more about Mr. Kerr and his playing of the bagpipes at the City’s Veterans Day Parade last year.