Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Keep the City’s alleyways clear ALL THE TIME: Not just during hurricane season.

The pioneers. Early on the City was platted with alleys for deliveries and utility services to the rear of homes, off the neighborhood streets. Vehicles are much larger now and demand for services has greatly increased.

From the City’s website: Lake Worth was platted in the early 1900s with an extensive network of alleyways. Historically, alleyways were used as service corridors for utilities and deliveries in the back of homes and businesses. Alleyways also provided a rear access to a property where a garage may have been located in residential areas.
     While times have changed - deliveries may no longer take place in alleys and garbage collection takes place out front – many of Lake Worth’s water and electric lines are still located in the alleyways.
     Lake Worth alleys are narrow, ranging in size from roughly 10 ft. in residential areas up to 15 ft. wide in commercial areas. They are barely wide enough to accommodate the big, burly trucks, equipment and teams for the efficient delivery of utilities services when clear.

 [and. . . who's responsibility are the alleyways?]

City’s Responsibility:
  • Mow and grade alleyways
  • Keep powerlines clear of foliage
Citizen’s Responsibility:
  • Keep alley clear of all trash behind your property
  • Dispose of any bulk items in the proper manner – not in the alley
  • Keep hedges, shrubs, and trees trimmed - out of the alley
[and. . . 2 items from the Q&A]

What is an easement?
Portion(s) of a property owner’s land where the City is provided legally granted access for utilities or other City essential services.
Who owns the easement anyway – the property owner or the utilities company?
Property owners own the land. As a property owner, it is your responsibility to keep all areas of the easement free of debris and structures so City utilities crews can do their work.

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