Monday, February 5, 2018

Press conference on the steps of Lake Worth City Hall. Program will begin exactly at 5:00.

This is a public event and everyone is invited on Tuesday, Feb. 6th.

The City’s press release is below.

News about the Lake Worth Electric Utility.
Very worthy news, most definitely “Worth Noting”.
First, some instructions and helpful suggestions for press, news media, and WPBF (ABC25) too:

Please park your news vans and other vehicles on either North/South ‘G’ Street or North/South ‘H’ Street. Parking is FREE on those streets, it’s only a short walk to City Hall, and far enough away you won’t be a distraction or a nuisance and free up more parking for the public as well. Remember, this program will begin promptly at 5:00.

En route to City Hall please look around inside your news van or company Ford Pinto (e.g., glovebox, sun visor, between the seats) to make sure it does not have three or more parking citations. That could end up making for an embarrassing situation when all the other news organizations do a story about your company’s vehicle getting “the boot”. What exactly is ‘the boot’? Click on this link to learn more.

By the way — whilst on the topic of the news media and this little City of Lake Worth — the most popular TV news story the entire month of January was by WPBF. One would think it was that news segment about the “furious” school principal at an elementary charter school across Dixie Hwy. from a medical marijuana dispensary, right? But it wasn’t even close.

The most popular story was reported on Jan. 2nd titled, “Lake Worth cat enjoys walks on a leash”. To watch that crazy cat for yourself click on this link.

Anyhow, if you would like more information about the news conference next week. . .

Please contact Mr. Ben Kerr, the City of Lake Worth’s Public Information Officer (PIO) at 561-586-1631 or by email at

Thank you in advance for your cooperation. Without further ado, the press release from the City of Lake Worth’s PIO:

“City to announce exciting
news about the Lake Worth
Electric Utility.”

LAKE WORTH, FLORIDA* — The City of Lake Worth is hosting a special press conference on Tuesday, February 6 at 5:00 p.m., to announce Lake Worth Electric Utility’s achievement of Bill Parity with FP&L.
     In 2013 the Lake Worth Commission tasked City staff with bringing the Lake Worth Electric Utility bills for residential customers to parity with the bills charged by Florida Power and Light for similar services. Mayor Pam Triolo will be making the official announcement of the City’s success in achieving this goal.
     The Mayor will be joined by members of the City Commission, the City Manager, the Director of Electric Utilities and others for this exciting press conference.

*We are LAKE WORTH. A hometown City that is committed to delivering the highest level of customer service through a commitment to integrity, hard work and a friendly attitude. We strive to exceed the expectations of our citizens, our businesses, our elected officials and our fellow employees.”