Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Lantana Mayor Dave Stewart.

Did you see that eye-catching banner headline
on the front page above the masthead of
The Palm Beach Post today!

And did you read the story buried in the ‘B’ Local section below the fold about Mayor Stewart!

And did you know the Post was put up ‘For Sale’ last year? Click on this link to learn more.

By the way, Lantana Mayor Stewart was Florida Weekly’s “Best Local Politician” of 2017.

Photo from Florida Weekly,
“He looks like Ernest Hemingway, dresses like Jimmy Buffett, and has a Santa Claus twinkle in his eye. But make no mistake about it, Lantana Mayor David Stewart knows his stuff. His public explanations of what ordinances are all about are much appreciated. Layman’s terms may be spoken in his fishing village, but this mayor is
nobody’s fool.”