Tuesday, January 9, 2018

A most hugely popular blog post! “Fun Facts” about your City of Lake Worth.

Have you heard or read about these Fun Facts, e.g., about all the mahogany forests and “Bavarian delicatessens” in our City? Vanilla Ice isn’t our City’s only famous “American Rapper”, did you know Ghostemane is from L-Dub too!

From Wikipedia, more interesting facts about City of Lake Worth, Florida:

Did you know. . .

Vanilla Ice lives in our City. It must be true.
Why? Because it’s on Wikipedia. And
more Fun Facts from Wikipedia:

  • The City of Lake Worth has four (4) Sister Cities: Lappeenranta, Finland; Saint-Marc, Haiti; Southend-on-Sea, England; and Sopot, Poland.
  • “To this day, one can find an abundance of beer halls, [emphasis added] chocolatiers, Bavarian delicatessens, and Lutheran churches, which stand out in the semitropical urban sprawl of South Florida.” And later in Wikipedia, “South Florida’s most attractive architecture can be found in College Park”.
  • “Lake Worth bills itself as ‘Where the Tropics Begin.’ Many tropical plants grow in the city; among the more prominent examples are mahogany [!], royal poinciana and many species of palm, including coconut palm.”

One of the biggest reasons to visit our City!

“The city’s public swimming pool [at the Lake Worth Casino and Beach complex] has been restored, and besides serving to instruct Palm Beach County residents in swimming and water safety, hosts water-sport competitions.”

And the wildlife too!

“Dolphins, manatees and an assortment of tropical birds are commonly seen including herons, ibises, egrets, oystercatchers, pelicans [!], cormorants and other waterfowl.”  

Now back to Vanilla Ice: 

From the City’s Wikipedia page is news that Vanilla Ice, “an American rapper and house flipper” also known as Robert Van Winkle, “has lived in Lake Worth since the 2010’s.”

Learn more interesting facts about famous people who once lived or now reside in our little, vibrant City of Lake Worth: Click on this link for the “Lake Worth, Florida” Wikipedia page and scroll down for “Notable people”.

Check back for more “Interesting facts about the City of Lake Worth” or as they say, ‘in the L-Dub’!

And it’s all true. Why?
Because it’s in Wikipedia.