Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Mathews Brewing Co. is still very big news in South Florida. But do you remember who first broke this story?

It was last year, in early December, when the very first mainstream news report was published about Mathews Brewing Co.

A question: Do you remember the reporter who first broke the news last year? The answer is below.

Mathews Brewing Co. was big news in The Palm Beach Post last January as well, reporters were scrambling and tripping all over each other to be the first one to file a news report.

News about the Grand Opening of Mathews Brewing Co. was front page news in The Lake Worth Herald and the Lake Worth CRA issued a well-distributed press release about Mathews Brewing in early January as well. Mathews Brewing was and remains pretty much big news all over South Florida. For example, it’s big news in Miami and Ft. Lauderdale too. Why?

Because reporter Nicole Danna first broke the news about Mathews Brewing last year.

So some of you are scratching your head right now and saying to yourself, “Hmmm. That name, Nicole Danna, sounds very familiar.”

Most of my loyal blog readers will recall reporter Nicole Danna. What happened to her? Find out
at the end of this blog post.

Hands down, Danna was the best reporter covering the City of Lake Worth’s food, restaurant, and adult beverage scene. But ever since she left in January 2016 there’s been a huge void or a “dearth” of consistent quality reporting. For example, it was Danna who first broke the news about C.W.S. Bar + Kitchen coming to our City back in February 2016.

Maybe, if enough people contact her editor at the New Times, Mr. Chuck Strouse, we’ll get her back covering this City much more often once again. There’s so much going on!

For example. . .

Here’s the latest City of Lake Worth news from Nicole Danna about, “Mathews Brewing Co. Will Offer South Florida’s Only Cask Ale Program”. Excerpts from the article datelined Dec. 6th, 2017:

On December 15 [2017], Mathews Brewing Co. will open the doors to its Lake Worth brewhouse and taproom located just west of the city’s downtown, in the newly recognized Artisanal Industrial District.
     Mathews Brewing Co. owner and brewer Dave Mathews says he originally planned to launch his business in West Palm Beach but was drawn south thanks to Lake Worth’s “funky, cool vibe” and the city’s business-friendly atmosphere. [emphasis added]
     “Now I’m hoping to lead the charge in revitalizing this area by motivating other like-minded small businesses to come here,” Mathews says. “I see nothing but potential.”

and. . .

     “Our goal is to make solid, quality beer that’s as true-to-style as possible,” says Mathews, whose late Jack Russel terrier serves as the official brewery logo. “We can literally brew anything here, and I plan to offer a broad range of styles, from an American IPA to traditional British-style cask ale.”

lastly. . .

     “The brewery’s opening-day tap list will include a number of the brand’s core beers, such as Accelerate American IPA, Hop Dynamics red IPA, Florida Haze New England IPA, Heavy Metal American double IPA, L-Dub Tropical pale ale, White Goblin Belgian wit, Junkyard Dog brown ale, Sweet Emotion cream ale, Seek and Destroy imperial stout, Night Moves amber ale, and Riff Raff American porter.

The details:

Mathews Brewing Co. is located at 130 South ‘H’ St. in the City of Lake Worth. Call 561-762-7293 for more information or send an email to:

More information from reporter Nicole Danna: “Parking for Mathews Brewing Co. can be found on the street or in two lots off South H Street north of the brewery.”

When you go to Mathews Brewing for your first beer remember to say, “I read the article by Nicole Danna and couldnt wait to come by and check this place out.”
Mathews Brewing Co. is “Lake Worth’s First”
craft beer brewery. Mathews Brewing could
have chosen West Palm Beach.

But they didn’t.

So. What happened to Nicole Danna?

In January 2016 the New Times Palm Beach operations were shut down and consolidated with the Miami New Times:

Voice Media Group announced today it has completed the combination of its South Florida publications, Miami New Times and New Times Broward-Palm Beach. Moving forward, the company’s award-winning editorial coverage and business operations will be handled through Miami New Times.

In my Twitter exchange with New Times editor Chuck Strouse last year he said, “Nicole is still writing for us, but focus is moving south!” Maybe if enough people contact Mr. Strouse he’ll tell Nicole Danna,

“Your focus is moving north! The little City of Lake Worth needs you!”