Monday, December 17, 2018

The City of Lake Worth (with a “Beach”) takes our Mexican food, tacos and “Hipster” status very seriously.

For those of you who may have missed this, a blog post that’s ‘stirred up a pot of beans’ one could say:

Have you been to Tacos Al Carbon yet? They have the best authentic Mexican food in the County. But first, before we get to Tacos Al Carbon located here in the City of Lake Worth, did you happen to catch this ‘news’ in the Post

“Dining review: D■■ C■■■■’s brings hipster tacos to Wellington”

Don’t fall for this ‘hip taco’ headline in
The Palm Beach Post!

The devil, as they say, is in the details. The reporter ‘gives up the beans’ so to speak with this line buried in the food review:

Perhaps these were not the most authentically Mexican tacos I’ve had. . .

And this food/restaurant ‘news’ is just one more lame attempt to try and become a “Hipster Haven”. This is nothing new. West Palm (WITHOUT A BEACH) tried to claim being a ‘Hipster Haven’ and that failed. Delray Beach tried and failed as well and even Westlake gave it a try once upon a time.

There is only one Hipster Haven in Palm Beach County: the City of Lake Worth. We have communities of Hipster Apatharchists (former Anarchists one can now find at Starbucks), Hipster Millennials including families with children, a vibrant Hipster art community, and Hipster fashion designers drawn to the world famous World Thrift on Dixie Hwy. located right across the street!

Tacos Al Carbon (more details below, address and contact information) is one more indication, more proof that our City has eclipsed Delray Beach and West Palm! Why else would Tacos Al Carbon, the best Mexican food in the United States, skip over those cities to open a brand new location here in this City of Lake Worth?

This City is one of the few “Hometown
Destinations” in Palm Beach County:

The food and service at Tacos Al Carbon is incredible. Located at 2200 N. Dixie Hwy; call 561-812-3565: “100% Comida Mexicana”.

The inside of Tacos Al Carbon is impressively spacious with plenty of seating, bright and colorful. The acoustics in the two dining rooms are very pleasant as well.

Did I say “two dining rooms”? Yes!
There are two rooms with high-def TVs.

Even though a lot of people were picking up orders called in, the seated guests dont feel crowded in. There’s plenty of room for everyone to
mingle and dine.

The view from the back dining room which
leads into the kitchen.

When I took a peak beyond the kitchen door one of the cooks said, Hola! Bienvenidos a Tacos Al Carbon!”