Friday, October 12, 2018

Last month from editor(s) at The Palm Beach Post: “West Palm wrong to ignore traffic concerns with One Flagler”.

So how much has changed since the editor(s) at the Post hammered the elected leadership in West Palm Beach? Not much it would appear. Like most editorials in the Post after two or three days no one remembers what they wrote anyhow.

The editorial published in the Post on September 18th was a year too late; if it was published instead in September 2017 it would have made more of an impact. But it wasn’t.

Do you recall the public meeting held in May 2017 at the Palm Beach County Convention Center about the traffic situation in West Palm? Learn more about that meeting below, the attendees and a list of videos.

Many of you reading this blog post today will find the following excerpt interesting:

The May 22 [2017] meeting was called by West Palm Beach City Commissioner Shannon Materio, Palm Beach Mayor Gail Coniglio and Palm Beach County Commissioner Mack Bernard. Conspicuously absent was West Palm Beach Mayor Jeri Muoio, who called the gathering “a distraction.”
Excerpt from Post editorial headlined, “To fix Okeechobee Blvd, leaders must pull in same direction” datelined May 31st, 2017; published one year, three months and nineteen days ago.

From May 2017 on this blog, “Public Discussion about Our Traffic”, held in West Palm Beach.

Below is the list of speakers and
links to videos as well.

From the program:

“How did we get here? Traffic congestion used to be a topic of discussion when talking about Miami or Ft. Lauderdale, but West Palm Beach? This panel discussion will help us understand the contributing factors that got us where we are today, and if we do nothing, will we become one big megatropolis from West Palm Beach to Miami.”

and. . .

“We were reminded again by former West Palm Beach Mayor Graham [1991–1999] that a vision had been in place when she was in office — she thinks that has since been lost — the city she thought needs a vision so developers and city officials don’t make decisions ‘willy nilly’.”

“Getting from Point A . . .
to Point B”.

Click on image to enlarge:

To read more about this “Public Discussion”
in May 2017 click on this link.

Hosted by Town of Palm Beach Mayor Gail Coniglio, West Palm Beach Commissioner Shanon Materio, and Palm Beach County Commissioner Mack Bernard. Moderator: Dana Little (see video below).

Featured speakers:

  • Jorge Pesquera, CEO, Discover the Palm Beaches.
  • Nancy Graham, former Mayor of West Palm Beach.
  • Verdenia Baker, Administrator, Palm Beach County.
  • Michael Busha, [Former] Executive Director, Treasure Coast Regional Planning Council.
  • Ali Soule, Director of Public Affairs, Brightline.
  • John Renne, Director, Professor, Center for Urban and Environmental Solutions, FAU.
  • Tom Bradford, Town Manager, Town of Palm Beach.
  • George T. Webb, P.E., County Engineer, Palm Beach County.
  • Mark Press, Operations Engineer, Florida Department of Transportation, District 4.
  • Nick Uhren, Executive Director, Palm Beach County Transportation Planning Organization [formerly the Metropolitan Planning Organization].
  • Clinton Forbes, Executive Director, Palm Tran.
  • Juan Mullerat, Design Director, Plusurbia.

There are 5 videos of this event in total, this one is #4 titled, “Tomorrow Land” moderated by Dana Little, Land Planner at the Treasure Coast Regional Planning Council:

To watch the other videos from this event:

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