Thursday, October 12, 2017

Notes: Historic Resource Preservation Board (HRPB) meeting last night.

Unfortunately, there is no video record of this meeting. Learned later while in attendance at this meeting some in the public wanted to watch “Live Streaming” but saw this message instead:

“Sorry, the live stream is offline now”

And stay tuned. The City Commission very soon will be addressing two RFPs, Request For Proposal 17-210, “Lake Worth Historical Resources Survey Update, Phase 2” and RFP 17-211, “Lake Worth Historic Preservation Design Guidelines”.

We’re going to need a very big turnout for this upcoming meeting (stay tuned for when it appears on the Commission agenda). Now that this issue has gotten the attention of local mediaand our elected officials are completely fed up with all the complaints — now is the time to get our City’s Historic Preservation program back on track:

“The hurricane’s not enough for them apparently,” said Hardy [Commissioner Omari Hardy about State bureaucrats]. “That was really disappointing for me because here at local government, we hear from the people a lot more than those bureaucrats in Tallahassee.”

and. . .

     “If we have a solution, that helps make people’s lives better in Lake Worth, we should be allowed to do that,” he said. “Don’t handcuff us and tie our hands when we’re trying to help the people who elected us.”

Now, brief notes from last night’s HRPB meeting:

The all-volunteer HRPB approved the house addition on Columbia Ave. with conditions and approved a garage conversion on South Palmway. The board also approved the multifamily Art Deco style window replacements, done without a permit, a total of 28 windows with blue-tinted glass with an altered muntin pattern. This overrode the Historic Preservation staff recommendation of denial. This structure is on the west side of South Lakeside Dr. just north of 1st Ave. South.

The HRPB also approved a request for an awning at 208 South Lakeside Dr., removing the first condition which called for an elevation survey of the building. The board and staff thought the building official would require it anyway.