Saturday, December 30, 2017

Over two years ago: Greenacres PD and PBSO kickoff the goal of consolidation.

If you live in the friendly, outstanding City of Greenacres, do you remember when you once had
a beat reporter from the Post covering your
local news and politics?

It’s true. It actually happened once upon a time. And the proof is below, an excerpt from an article published in the Post on Nov. 12th, 2015 (see below). The process of amalgamating a local police department with PBSO is a timely process and began over two years ago in Greenacres and was completed 2½ months later, in February 2016.

Below is a post from this blog
on November 14th, 2015.

[FYI: If you read along closely, you’ll pick up on a bit of satire. But just a little bit. The blog post was titled, “News from Greenacres: PBSO’s takeover of law enforcement begins”:]

The Palm Beach Post’s reporting on law enforcement issues in Palm Beach County has been exceptional, especially news concerning PBSO and Sheriff Bradshaw. In almost every case they’ve taken an unbiased and professional approach to keeping the public informed and they should be commended. Especially with Sheriff Bradshaw up for re-election it’s easy to lose focus but the County’s paper of record works very hard at keeping to the high ground.

They’ve continued that effort with this latest news, PBSO taking over for the Greenacres Police Department. Here is an excerpt from the article in the Post:
Like a blended family, merging a city’s police force with a sheriff’s office takes work.
     “There are a ton of meetings going on almost daily,” Public Safety Director Mike Porath told the City Council at the Nov. 2 [2015] meeting.
and. . . 
     But, between now and then, Porath said the city and PBSO still need to iron out several details, including merging county and city public records into one database, settling on how the gun range will be managed and determining which city ordinances Greenacres will keep and which county ordinances it will adopt.
Sheriff Bradshaw and PBSO took over for the Lake Worth PD in 2009 and you can read about that using this link. Back then there remained some concern about PBSO by some in the community but former Commissioner Suzanne Mulvehill put a stop to that nonsensehere is what she said about PBSO’s contribution to the City of Lake Worth:
“Fabulous. They’ve exceeded our expectations. The Sheriff has done a fantastic job and it’s unquestionable that we want them to stay.”
Of course, Mulvehill called PBSO “Fabulous” only after the public caught on the plan all along was to end the contract with PBSO.

The video below is a press conference in May 2011 by a former City commissioner, Suzanne Mulvehill along with a former city manager, Susan Stanton “IN FULL RETREAT” after the community rallied to keep PBSO in our City.

[Note: At the 6:15 mark Yours Truly asks Stanton two questions; however, she dodges both of them.]