Tuesday, October 24, 2017

City of Lake Worth parking tickets. Amnesty ends in 6 days (Monday, Oct. 30th).

Amnesty [am-nuh-stee]; noun
(plural: amnesties).

  • A general pardon for offenses . . . against a government, often granted before any trial or conviction.
  • An act of forgiveness for past offenses, especially to a class of persons as a whole.
  • Forgetting or overlooking of any past offense.
Below is a City of Lake Worth press release dated September 26th.

“Vehicle Parking Citation
Amnesty Program”

For more information about the City’s “Parking Citation Amnesty Program” contact Parking Enforcement Mgr. Larry D. Lightfoot at 561-533-7383; email: parking@lakeworth.org

Lake Worth, Florida — Until Monday, October 30, the City of Lake Worth will be holding an amnesty program to allow anyone with unpaid parking citations to pay them and be in compliance. All citations may be paid in person or by mail to:

Parking Enforcement
414 Lake Ave.
City of Lake Worth, FL

To pay online use this link
(a $3.50 fee applies).

     For questions and information please call Parking Enforcement at 561-533-7383. Florida Statute F.S.S. 361.1967 (6) has a provision to prevent persons from renewing their vehicle registration with the Department of Motor Vehicles if they have three (3) or more unpaid parking citations.
     The City may also use an enforcement immobilization tool commonly called a vehicle “boot” and will only be used after three (3) or more citations go unpaid beyond the 30 calendar day amnesty period.

And FYI: Did you know the City of Lake Worth has an ordinance which states that, “any bicycle left over 48 hours is considered abandoned” (with no amnesty):

City ordinance Chapter 8 of the City municipal code states any bicycle left over 48 hours is considered abandoned [no amnesty]. Report any abandoned bicycles on City of Lake Worth public property, e.g., sidewalks, street signs, bike racks. If you know of a bicycle that has been left on a public right-of-way for more than 48 hours please call 561-533-7383.