Saturday, September 9, 2017

Attention moviemakers and Hipsters everywhere: “Submit Your Work for the L-DUB Film Festival”.

Please note: Deadline to submit your work is this coming Monday. Contact information is below. Will this weekend’s storms affect Monday’s deadline? Stay tuned.

Exciting news from Palm Beach County’s Hipster haven, the little City of Lake Worth!

The L-DUB Film Festival will be held
September 22nd–24th this year.
The L-DUB Film Festival is now accepting submissions. Deadline for submissions is
September 11th. More details below
from The Lake Worth Herlad.

First, a short discussion about the oft-used and somewhat confusing term (or slang if you will), “L-DUB”. If you already know all about this subject, Thank You for visiting today and please scroll down for the exciting news in the Herald this week.

Other variations of the term “L-DUB” referring to the actual City of Lake Worth (not to be confused with those cookie-cutter boring western suburbs) are:
  • “L-Dub” can be used upper/lowercase; ALL CAPS is also acceptable (“L-DUB” is sometimes called the ‘Dee’ or ‘Twiddle-Dee’ variant).
  • There is the Hipster feminine, “ElleDub” [informal; Hipster male, “ElDub”].
  • “LDub”, sans the hyphen, a British (199-) variant [informal, familiar].
  • The French/European Union variant [formal, proper], “LéDûb”; used in a sentence, “C′est si bon, Mademoiselle, Monsieur en charmant LéDûb.”

Defined, use in speech, and an everyday example:

  • The L is short for “Lake”.
  • DUB is short for double-“u” as in the letter “w”.
  • Hence the term L-DUB, slang for “Lake Worth”; once again, the actual City of Lake Worth.

An example in speech:

“Welcome to LDub! Have you been to World Thrift yet? It is soooooo cool and prices you won’t believe. And get this, there’s a new Tacos Al Carbon L-DUB location opening up across the street. You made the right choice moving to LéDûb. Nobody cares about Delray any more. ElleDub is where it’s at.”

Now for news in The Lake
Worth Herald

The film festival will be held September 22–24 at the Lake Worth Playhouse Stonzek Theatre, 713 Lake Avenue. Submissions of music videos, shorts, documentaries and full length features are welcome.
     All films 30 minutes or less require a $20 entry fee. Longer than 30 minutes, $30. Payments must be made to payable to Lake Worth Playhouse and are non-fundable.

and. . .

     Jury awards will be given for Best Feature, Best Documentary, Best Short, Best Music Video, Best Student Film and others. Audience Choice Award categories include: Best Foreign Film (English subtitles are required when applicable), Best Feature, Best Documentary, Best Short, Best Music Video, Best Student Film.

Send inquires to:

L-DUB Film Festival
ATTN: Director Charlie Birnbaum
Lake Worth Playhouse
713 Lake Ave.
Lake Worth, FL 33460


Use this link for more information about the festival and submission information. 

Good Luck everyone!

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