Tuesday, August 8, 2017

City Commission Budget Work Session today at 6:00.

To watch this meeting Live Streaming go to the City’s website at or after 6:00 and scroll down for the video. To watch the archived City Commission YouTube videos use this link.

The focus of this meeting will be “Updates,
Future Action, Direction”:

  • Budget Development Process Overview.
  • Mayor and Commission Budget Review.
  • Next Steps.
Two items in particular discussed at previous Commission meetings and work sessions have yet to be addressed formally. One is the ShotSpotter technology that was talked about last June. This is a subscription service and is quite expensive. However, it was decided to work with PBSO and find out if there was a way to get around this problem.

The other issue of great concern is the status of the Lake Worth Pier. On July 18th and 19th a crew of divers inspected the pier to look for “spalling concrete” (also called scaling). Possibly there will be an update tomorrow about that situation if the engineering report is complete.

To learn more about the City’s budget process use this link to read about the meeting on July 26th vis-à-vis the proceeds from the County ¢1 sales tax increase and the focus on infrastructure going forward. Assistant City Manager Juan Ruiz summed it up this way:
  • Fund infrastructure projects.
  • Leverage infrastructure projects.
  • Complete infrastructure projects.
Check back tomorrow to find out how to watch this meeting Live Streaming and to view archived meetings as well.