Monday, January 14, 2019

Stroll down memory lane. Former Commissioner Suzanne Mulvehill, “Mission Impossible”, and John G’s at the Lake Worth Beach.

UPDATE: Before we get to this short stroll down memory lane, have you heard the latest about
the Blueway Trail?
To learn more about the new nonprofit called Blueway Trail, Inc. and the public meeting held last April of “Coalition partners, trail friends and supporters” click on this link.

Without further ado. . .

LOOKING BACK: Learn why former Lake Worth City Commissioner Suzanne Mulvehill is now considered a visionary.

Please Note: If you are short on time, at the end of this blog post is the now-famous video produced by Liana Werner Gray, the Australian food and entertainment reporter who interviewed former District 4 Lake Worth City Commissioner Suzanne Mulvehill at the former John G’s restaurant at the Lake Worth Beach eight (8) years ago now.

It was Mulvehill, former Post reporter Willie Howard, and many others back in 2008–2012 that lamented the fact kayakers and those using canoes had no way to bypass the S-155 Spillway on the C-51 Canal to explore the inland Chain of Lakes.

The process was both risky and outright dangerous for most people — trying to climb the “goat trails” up the steep hills along the canal — then drag your equipment another ¼ mile or so west and then slog through the slick vegetation and debris (tires, trash, sharp objects) to re-enter the water on the other side of the Spillway.

But that’s all going to change.

Within 3–4 years, or maybe even sooner, the
Blueway Trail will become a reality
This image is from the inimitable former Lake Worth blogger extraordinaire Tom McGow. Ecotourism and public waterway access was one of Mulvehill’s biggest issues as an elected.

Suzanne Mulvehill, tongue-in-cheek, was a member of what their supporters back in 2010 called the Best Commission Ever! or BCE! for short.

Below is a popular video of Mulvehill which remains steady in the top 10 (now #9) of the most-viewed videos all-time on my YouTube channel. To look over the most-watched videos click on this link (to become a YouTube subscriber click on the red “subscribe” icon and you’ll get an email when new videos have been uploaded).

Apparently, and this is hard to believe, there are still a handful of people that don’t know what happened to John G’s!

That iconic restaurant moved south from the Lake Worth Beach down A1A to 264 South Ocean Blvd. in Manalapan. It ended up ‘saving’ John G’s at the Lake Worth Beach was “Mission Impossible”.

Hope you enjoy this stroll down memory lane to April 2010. If you wish, proceed to the 1:45 mark in the video where it gets highly entertaining.

Hope you enjoy a little more recent history about this little City of Lake Worth: