Saturday, September 2, 2017

Attention all artists: Poster design contest for “Annual L-Dub Film Festival”.

Note: Artwork submission deadline is Friday, September 8th.

See below for poster requirements and contact information. This year’s festival is September 22nd–24th. Information from press release:

Each year, our L-Dub Film Festival features a variety of film genres from music videos, shorts and documentaries to full length features. Our mission is to celebrate the art of filmmaking, provide industry collaboration opportunities for emerging filmmakers and outlets for filmmakers to present their work and gain recognition from their peers, the public and industry professionals.

[“Hmmm. What does ‘L-Dub’ (or ‘LDub’) mean?”
See explanation below.]

The Lake Worth Playhouse is located at 713 Lake Ave. in Downtown Lake Worth. The Stonzek Theatre
is next door.
Artwork must be submitted by Sept. 8th.
Contact Nicole Laing for more information:

We are seeking a poster that is graphically attractive, original and unique to the artist. The artwork should be at least 24″ × 36″ in dimension at 300dpi. The poster will be displayed in the Stonzek Theatre, used in marketing and advertising, posted on social media, our website and included on the event program.
     The only requirement, besides the dimensions, is that it needs to be printable as a poster. A low res jpeg can be emailed as the submission and if chosen, you will be required to send high resolution, editable artwork.
     The winner will be announced at this year’s L-Dub Film Festival and will have their work be the official new look for the festival next year. 

EXPLAINED: L-Dub, or LDub [Br. var. 199-], is hipster slang for “Lake Worth”, the actual City of Lake Worth. 

The ‘L’ is short for “Lake” and ‘Dub’ is short for “double-‘u’ ” as in the letter “W”, hence the term LDub. Used in a sentence:
“Welcome to LDub dude! Have you been to World Thrift yet?”.
Use this link for a more in-depth discussion of this topic.