Thursday, July 20, 2017

Do you live in WPB’s South End? Lake Worth’s North End? Just in case you missed this yesterday.

West Palm Beach City Commission considers RFPs for “Lease and Development” of Municipal Golf Course and nearby properties (196 acres total).

The West Palm Beach City Commission, sitting as the “Golf Commission”, was tasked with addressing the Golf Advisory Committee report that,

“[P]reviously reviewed and commented on the responses [to the RFPs]. Procurement Staff provided the Golf Advisory’s collective summary comments to Golf Commission on June 1, 2017. The complete proposal packages for all three (3) proposers were delivered to the Commission on April 10, 2017 for review.”

Large crowd. View of the attendees from the public yesterday:
Use this link to look over RFP 16-17-209. Due date March 30th, 2017.

This is almost 200 acres and lies along the northern border of the C-51 Canal. Its location is in close proximity to the City of Lake Worth and its redevelopment could usher in a series of ramifications — mostly positive — for the northern part of Lake Worth (e.g., College Park) and improve conditions along North Dixie Hwy as well.

Coincidentally, also in the City of Lake Worth yesterday, the Meritage Homes’ “Lake Cove” housing project passed unanimously on First Reading at the Lake Worth City Commission. Both of these projects dovetail perfectly with the Blueway Trail project.

Click on image to enlarge. Note the “West Palm Beach Golf Course” in relation to the C-51 Canal:
FYI: You’re going to be hearing about a property in West Palm Beach, city-owned, called “8111”. An empty lot on Dixie Hwy. along the C-51 Canal, east of the FEC tracks, south of Winn-Dixie.

It is important to stay informed about what is being proposed, and the extent of what will happen in the general area, not only on the golf course property. The city of WPB also owns the nearly 7-acre vacant property (“8111”) where the former International House of Pancakes restaurant once stood and before that, the Choice Restaurant Equipment store.

Yesterday at 3:00, the West Palm Beach City Commission met in a special meeting as the Golf Course Commission.

The dais: West Palm Beach City Commission.

I attended the meeting with my video camera and expect to see the presentations of the respondents to the RFP shortly on my YouTube Channel. At the top of the photo below, you can see the three respondents identified and an outline how the presentations would proceed.

The “Golf Commission’s” duty was to rank the respondents and choose which one to go forward with in further negotiations. That they did and the result was surprising. It turns out the first two respondents (see photo above) tied, both receiving the same score. The City Commission can now negotiate with the two groups.

The third presenter ranked last in all of the commissioner and the mayor’s tally.

Prior to “Ranking”; the slide following this one has the results.
The form used by Mayor Jeri Muoio and commissioners Shanon Materio, Paula Ryan, Keith James, Cory Neering and Sylvia Moffett.

From 1 (top choice)–3 (worst choice). The results:
That’s enough for today. Hope you found this information helpful. This is very complex and exciting regional news. The City of Lake Worth, residents and political leadership, need to be helpful and supportive as the city of WPB works through this process.  

Check back soon to learn more about the concepts that were explored and presented yesterday. Each proposal included a residential component either in, or around, the golf course property.

And a special Thank You to all of the people who showed up yesterday, for all the citizen input up to this point, and to the city leadership of West Palm Beach for taking on a very difficult but very necessary task.

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