Saturday, July 22, 2017

UPDATE: Blueway Trail. News blackout continues at Palm Beach Post.

Post reporter Tony Doris has more news today in the print edition (page B3) about the “Golf Commission” meeting in West Palm Beach last Wednesday, titled “Golf course redesign undecided”:
“And the winner is. . .? Nobody.”

You’ll see why that is below.

Although the Blueway Trail was cited in the RFP, it was not mentioned at all in the article today. So, the news blackout remains in place. From this blog last Thursday, in a post titled, “Do you live in WPB’s South End? Lake Worth’s North End?”

West Palm Beach City Commission considers RFPs for “Lease and Development” of Municipal Golf Course and nearby properties (196 acres total).

The presenting developers:
And the results. . .

From 1, top choice–3, worst choice. The results (click on image to enlarge).
WPB Golf Links and Greg Norman Golf Design tied. MWV Golf came in a very distant second place. 

Now, if you’re interested in learning more about the Blueway Trail. . .

Click on image to enlarge. Note the “West Palm Beach Golf Course” in relation to the C-51 Canal:
Stay tuned: You’re going to be hearing about a property in West Palm Beach, city-owned, called “8111”. An empty lot on Dixie Hwy. along the C-51 Canal, east of the FEC tracks, south of Winn-Dixie.