Monday, July 24, 2017

The Herald: Addressing mis- and disinformation on amending the City’s “Chronic Nuisance Property Code”.

Below is front page news in The Lake Worth Herald.
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Excerpts from the article:

The City Commission of the City of Lake Worth passed on first reading an ordinance to amend the Chronic Nuisance Property Code. This ordinance will amend the Chronic Nuisance Property Code by updating many of its provisions.
     Under section 2-201, “Pattern of nuisance activity” was amended to include as nuisance activities: two (2) or more calls for service within a period of thirty (30) days to the same property [emphasis added] for police, fire, medic, or other emergency personnel to assist an individual who displays the symptoms of an overdose of a controlled substance; and failure to comply with a code enforcement order entered by the special magistrate.
     Instead of having the process where the property owner develops his or her own action plan, the ordinance was retooled to allow the city to create a “Chronic Nuisance Abatement Agreement” that will include an action plan developed by both parties. Director of Sustainability, William Waters said,
“A signed agreement will be more effective than an action plan standing alone and it will put all parties on notice as to what their duties and responsibilities are.”

and. . .

In the last few years the city has seen an increase in the number of calls the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office and fire rescue and medics have responded to due to opioid overdoses.

lastly. . .

“These calls have created a disproportionate drain on public services and city resources.”